Web application that is gathering all the local restaurants in one place


FoodCorner mixes a presentation website with a web application. The presentation website displays categories and description pages of each restaurant, including contact information and other public pages. It also includes a private administration page, accessible via login only from specific IP's. The web application allows the administrator to manage restaurants and their details. The application was implemented using our internal starter build with React and Redux for frontend, and Node.js for the backend. For the public application, we integrated Disqus successfully. The project was packed into a docker image, which is running in cloud (with Digital Ocean) and has a NGINX in front to work as a reverse proxy.

Technical details

  • Responsive design
  • Modern UI / UX
  • Unique logo
  • Material-UI
  • Integration with Disqus
  • React.js and Redux
  • Node.js
  • Docker