Multiple Working Points Business Solution

Advanced web application for managing and monitoring multiple working points business


This is a SpaceGiant internal product that can be used as a private instance. The web application serves as an end-to-end administration tool for businesses working with client subscriptions. Instance setup can be available within a few hours. The application has two different roles, one for administrator and one for employees. The administrator can add all business types in the system, without restriction. It also allows for unlimited business locations to be added.

Administrators can assign employees to various working points. After the assignment, the specific employee is able to log in and can add/edit/manage subscriptions for a client only when related to their assigned working points. Employees can also add or edit new clients in the system. Administrators can also find subscriptions on different business types and are able to send text messages for public holidays, client birthday, reminders for due dates of subscriptions and others.

All actions in the systems are tracked into a dedicated audit database. This application was built using Node.js for backend, jQuery and Bootstrap for frontend, and Android for SMS module. The application runs as a Linux system process with NGINX configured as a reverse proxy.

Technical details

  • Responsive design
  • Modern UI / UX
  • Node.js
  • DataBase audit
  • MySql
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Linux batch
  • Android
  • SQLite
  • Custom SMS application